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University of ESOX

2017 University of Esox Schools Announced

Are you looking to catch your first or biggest musky? Have you ever wondered what separates those who occasionally catch muskies from those who consistently boat this elusive fish? If so, the University of Esox is for you.

The University of Esox, an offshoot of Musky Hunter Magazine, is the pre-eminent musky fishing educational program and has been in business since 1996.

The University of Esox conducts weekend and week-long musky fishing schools in the Midwest and Canada each season. Each school combines classroom seminars with on-the-water instruction and fishing, and focuses on the location and the time of year in which the school is held.

Jim Saric presents a seminar.
Jim Saric presents a seminar.

What Is The University of Esox? 

The University of Esox is designed to help people become better musky anglers. University of Esox Musky Schools combine peak musky fishing times with great musky locations. Schools involve classroom instruction and fishing, and are held at first rate resorts throughout the Midwest and Canada. Seminars feature PowerPoint, video, and hands-on instruction.

University of Esox Musky Schools are intensive but informal. The schools are designed for your education and enjoyment. Through 2016, nearly 2,700 muskies, including hundreds of trophy fish, have been boated by students at University of Esox events.

The schools heavily promote catch and release, and no musky has ever been kept at a University of Esox event.

Steve Heiting discusses a potential hotspot.
Steve Heiting discusses a potential hotspot.

Your instructors for the musky schools are Jim Saric, Editor of Musky Hunter Magazine and the host of “The Musky Hunter” Television Show, and the magazine’s Managing Editor, Steve Heiting, two of today’s best-known musky fishing professionals. Jim and Steve have hundreds of giant musky catches to their credit. Jim has taught musky fishing schools since the mid 1980s, Steve since the early 1990s. Jim and Steve are joined by Musky Hunter writers Spence Petros, Bill Sandy, Dave Dorazio, Kevin Schmidt, Ken Jackson, Rob Manthei and other top musky guides in teaching these schools.

Schools are held at outstanding resorts and lodges that cater to musky fishermen. Schools are non-competitive, and students are encouraged to share information to help everyone catch and learn more about muskies. A low student/instructor ratio is maintained, and class size is limited to no more than 24 students at any school.

What’s included:

  • Latest information
  • Marked maps
  • Seminars
  • Class materials
  • All meals
  • Lodging
  • Welcome bag containing musky lures, leaders, etc.
  • A chance at hundreds of dollars worth of door prizes

2017 Schedule


When: June 9-11, 2017
Where: Vilas County, Wisconsin
• Hosted by St. Germain Lodge and Fibber’s Restaurant,  www.stgermainlodge.com
• Base Package (bring your own boat and tackle): $625
• Guided package (fish with an instructor in his boat): $1,025

Learn summer musky tactics during the pre-summer peak in the famed waters of northern Wisconsin. High success rate. This is a Friday through Sunday event, and the University of Esox staff will be joined by Musky Hunter writers and top local guides including Rob Manthei.

Students annually enjoy a success rate of around 50 percent at this school. Attendees receive about eight hours of seminars, which discuss all “typical” summer musky fishing tactics. As many as a dozen different area waters may be fished during this school.

Enrollment is limited to 23 students. This popular school is always a quick sell-out!

Don’t have a partner? We can pair you up with another student.


Fish with the instructors! Guided packages are available only for the Summer Musky Tactics School in Wisconsin.

Students who choose the guided option may bring their own tackle or use the guide’s tackle. It’s your choice. You will fish out of the guide’s boat. If you’re traveling for a considerable distance to attend one of these schools and sign up for guided option, all you need to do is show up with clothing appropriate for the weather and a fishing license, and you’re good to go.

For more information: Call Steve Heiting at 1-800-23-MUSKY (1-800-236-8759), or 1-715-477-2178 outside the United States. Or e-mail at steveheiting@muskyhunter.com



When: July 15-22, 2017
Where: Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada
• Hosted by Sandy’s Blackhawk Island Camp, www.sandysblackhawkisland.com

• Full Week Package: $1,795 (bring your own boat)

A week-long musky fishing school on Lake of the Woods’ fabulous Northwest Angle is conducted by the University of Esox each July. Learn the secrets of Canadian waters and the tactics to catch giants. Twice-daily info sharing sessions keep everyone on the hot patterns. More than 2,100 muskies have been caught in this school since its inception — up to 54 1/2 inches. This school teaches students how to fish Canadian waters, specifically Lake of the Woods, with summer musky fishing patterns. The skills taught at this school can be applied to any Canadian water.

Each year, about a fourth to a third of the University of Esox students catch their personal best musky during this school, sometimes exceeding 50 inches. Sandy’s Blackhawk Island Camp is owned by LOTW guide Bill Sandy, arguably the best musky guide on the entire lake. The camp, built in 1999, features beautiful log buildings and is one of Canada’s premier musky fishing camps. Jim and Steve are joined by veteran instructors Spence Petros and Kevin Schmidt.

Enrollment is limited to 24 students. While you can sign up as an individual, we highly recommend that you sign up with a partner.

You must bring your own boat to this school. Boats are not included in the school price, nor are they available from the resort.

While part of your instruction includes a day fishing with one of the instructors, University of Esox instructors are not available to guide in the Canadian Musky Adventure. Bill Sandy is available as a guide throughout the week.

For more information: Call Steve Heiting at 1-800-23-MUSKY (1-800-236-8759), or 1-715-477-2178 outside the United States. Or e-mail at steveheiting@muskyhunter.com


How To Sign Up:

Weekend musky schools cost $625/person for the base package or $1,025 for the guided package. To reserve a spot, a $200 deposit/person is required for the base package, and a $300 deposit/person is required for the guided package.

The week-long Canadian Musky Adventure costs $1,795, and a $600 deposit/person is required.

You can sign up one of two ways: Call 1-800-23-MUSKY and put the deposit on a MasterCard/Visa, or send a check or money order for your deposit to: University of Esox, c/o Musky Hunter, PO Box 340, St. Germain, WI 54558.

Call 1-800-23-MUSKY to sign up or receive more info!
Hurry! Enrollment is limited. Don’t miss your chance!

If You Still Aren’t Sure About Attending A University of Esox Musky School, Read These Testimonials

All testimonials were unsolicited from 2016 schools. Actual letters are on file at the Musky Hunter office.

“Thank you. My son and I have been musky fishing for years but never had consistent success. The seminars and with guide fishing really helped tie all the musky information together. After the school we have taken two trips and caught 10 fish in eight days fishing, with many follows. With all the money we spend on lures, boats and trips, this school was the best investment we made!”
— Mike C. New Berlin, WI

“Mike and I had a great time! Now that we are back to work we can work out the aches and pains.”
— Ed O., Dwight, IL

“What an outstanding experience!!!! That was a first class show. The accommodations, the food, the fishing, it was wonderful. The staff was fun to be around and it was just like a family. I have been back on the water here and the knowledge I gained in school will make me fish smarter here. I have already used the map reading to find a couple new spots on the home water. Please put me down for school next year.”
— Keith M., Wilmington, OH

“Thanks for a great week. You guys run a top notch event. We had a great time.”
— Jeremy S., Pittsboro, IN

“We had a great time last week. It was a nice to spend that time with my son on such a cool body of water. You did a wonderful job of teaching and keeping our head in the game. Also you all were very gracious pointing out a few spots for us to start with.”
— Steve S., Sun Prairie, WI

“Always enjoy time in the boat with you. The catching is a bonus, the discussion is priceless. Esox U is the best, and you and Jim along with Kevin and Spence do a terrific job. Thanks again.”
— Bob B., Kiel, WI

“We really enjoyed the school again this year. Having the opportunity to fish with both of you was fantastic! We are very appreciative.”
— Josh E., Crown Point, IN

“Seamus was fine with what he caught, and I was truly worried about him getting fish and having a good time more than my luck. He was, in fact, very impressed with his U of E experience and had very nice things to say about the professional job you and Jim did in putting on a worthwhile event.”
— Marty F., Milwaukee, WI