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Thread: Alan and 9 mile please read!!

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    Alan and 9 mile please read!!

    This whole thing has gone misunderstood. I am very happy that new products become available to us musky fisherman so we do have choices. I am trying to get more people out in my boat to learn about muskie fishing. Having enough equipment in the boat to do that can be expensive. Any time their is an opportunity to get good equipment at a good price I take advantage of it. It helps me get others into the sport which increases growth in other areas of our sport. The buy American is a hard sell these days! Alot of the American companies have other parts made to assemble here so their not truely American. The UAW and Chrysler raided the ISTA retirement fund to pay UAW benefits this spring here in Indiana. Is a union robbing a union American. With those kinds of losses I have to buy what I can afford. Both of my grandfathers retired from GM and I don't think they would be happy with how the company has been ran the last twenty years. My 87 yr old step-father was a POW in Germany in WWII (18 months, weighed 156lbs. going in 76lbs. coming home) sees that times have changed. The main thing is to get more people out and teach them about muskies and enjoy the excitement we all do! I am glad we have a wide variety of products to do that with!!

    Buddy Ellenburg

    Take a Kid fishing they'll have a Lifetime of Memories!!

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    RE: Alan and 9 mile please read!!

    I get what you're saying and I know how things are these days. I sure wish it was different. Like I said, it's my personal choice to buy USA made products whenever possible but I understand not everyone shares my view. Good luck fishing and catch a big one.

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    RE: Alan and 9 mile please read!!

    There is a website that lists all fishing tackle baits and so on that are all US made. Mostly all musky stuff right now. They are looking for compainies to advertise on their site. I will try to find it and post it here.

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