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Thread: WHich RIO fly line for large musky flies

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    WHich RIO fly line for large musky flies

    I'm familiar with the RIO OBS line for casting large bulky flies,but have no experience with the RIO musky line. Both have a aggressive front tapers but the line profiles are fairly different. Any advantage or disadvantages of one over the other for fishing pike/musky from a boat with large streamers and surface poppers?

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    I have been using a 400gr RIO Striped Bass sink tip line for the last couple of years for my streamers and the line has been fantastic for me. The weighted head makes casting those big flies fairly easy. And even though its 400gr, you can still fish the upper part of the water column with a faster strip and/or a more buoyant fly.

    I have not used any RIO products for my surface flies as of yet. I have an Airflo Intermediate line that I'll use for my topwater and flies that I want to run shallow. Its sink rate is slow enough that it works for both applications for me. The only full float line that I have rigged right now is SA Sharkskin for a few years back. It works well, but doesn't get much use anymore since I tend to use the Airflo line that I mentioned above.

    Hope this helps. There are so many options out there, especially now since a lot of manufacturers are catching on to the whole Musky/Pike on the fly trend. Hopefully someone who has used those lines can offer some additional info.


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