Let the winternet begin.

I'm sitting home watching the snow fly today, thinking about this past season. It was a good season for me. I didn't catch alot but I got a couple quality fish. Nothing real big though.

So what was your finest catch of the season? Maybe not the biggest you got but any nice fish that has a good story to it.

One of my finest moments was back in August when 3 fish were raised earlier in the day and we went back to the same spot at dusk to see if they would eat. My 2 partners baits went through the area first and my topper was the last bait through. Halfway in it got CRUSHED by a fiesty 41" that took me for a ride. I love it when you go back later for a fish like you're supposed to do and it works! An hour and a half later my buddy hooked a 40" at boatside. My other buddy went to scoop it up and the net broke at the yolk! He let out a "YELP!" as the hoop splashed down in the water, and he was standing there dumbfounded just holding a useless handle. I quickly reached down in the water and grabbed the hoop. and luckily the fish just swam out of it with no problem. I said "bring im' back here" and I scooped him up with just the hoop. Hi fives and beers were exchanged after that to celebrate a wonderful evening.

I already miss those late evenings fishing with just a t-shirt and a handfull of good baits. I say to myself," be patient it will come again."

Anyone else?