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Thread: Give us somthing good to read.

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    I enjoyed the personal musky experiences, any more to stock my Xmass eve stocking stuffers?

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    Cool looks like this thread came back to life! Anyway, I don't have really wild stories from this past season but one thing to mention was the day in summer when we were in the boat and the fishing was slow, but the Eagles were going berserk. Soaring, fighting, and squawking everywhere. One big one happened to land in a tree near us. Then something amazing happened, this eagle took a HUGE dump. I've seen that before, but this massive crap took out leaves and dead branches as it fell to earth. We laughed histerically and talked about it all day. Kinda 5th grade but still very funny.
    We did also have a day sucker fishing this fall when the Eagles were going nuts again, and the fishing was great. I think we had 6 or 7 hits that day

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