Mr. Fenner and myself began this topic on another post...but I felt it should have its own here we go.

Dave asked me what I thought the standard is to be, to be considered an expert in the field of musky fishing. And that's truly a great that has as many answers as I'm sure as posters, willing to post, but it just isn't that simple.

There are many, many great anglers, guides and innovators in this sport. There are old timers that people adore because of their style, and way… and young guns that capture the imagination of the masses, with their flowing manes, their sexy jewelry...shiny boats and catchy phrases. But are they experts? I say no

If you grow up in Wisconsin catch 300 dinks a year and parlay that into the national spotlight, to include stardom, reels, rods, a tall pretty blonde wife...are you an expert? Lucky as hell yes, but I say no.

If you're a rich SOB that can fish with the best, learn from the best, and spend countless hours on the water...are you an expert? I say you're damn fortunate, but no again.

Are you a guide in the musky rich waters on MN, where you catch 50 50"ers a year, fishing the greatest lakes with the greatest strain, during the greatest time to fish musky in MN...EVER!!! But are you an expert? NO! You're a 20 or 30 something that never knew what fishing for musky was when difficult. You're a catcherman not a fisherman...because as soon as it gets a little tough on your "pond" or your lake "X", you p!ss and moan and talk about all the pressure on "your" lake, from all the out of staters.

Now I could go on and insult the guides turned lure makers...and the magazine owners that are TV personalities and media darlings, but insulting isn't what I'm really trying to do here. I'm friends with many that I kicked in the balls here...these are guys that I find funny and interesting. They are people that are fine husbands and fathers, and they are also great fisherman. But experts? No, No and no.

In an era of guys getting chubbies over the next great musky dude, and mind you these are the same windsocks that loved yesterday’s hero too. I know of only one expert. A man that a fine husband, father, business owner, great musky fisherman, and friend call’s the "musky-whisperer".

So David Fenner my one and only musky expert is Billy Sandy. If you know him or have fished with him...I'm betting you'll agree. And the standard starts there.

Now I know that this will grow legs…with the “pointers” and “sleds” of the world wanting to take shots at me and not give their views, but understand this is my view of a question posed to me. This is my "expert"… looking forward to reading about yours.