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Tips and Tricks

The Nature of Crankbaits

By Steve Heiting:  It’s fall, and if crankbaits aren’t in your lineup for the colder months they should be. The slower, down-in-their-face presentation they provide is made to order for fall musky fishing. However, you need to understand the differences in crankbaits to get the most from them. Some are designed for open water, some… Continue Reading

Night Shift

Finding the right lure-moon combo for night fishing SEAN OSTRUSZKA, Social Media Liaison   Night fishing is supposed to be simple. You go out at night, throw dark-colored lures and catch big fish. Done and done. Of course, it’s musky fishing, which means it’s rarely that simple. And while throwing dark-colored Musky Mayhem Cowgirls and… Continue Reading

Developing Your Musky Night Sense

By Jim Saric During summer and into early fall, one of the most reliable musky fishing opportunities exists when fishing after dark. Simply put, fishing after dark can yield fantastic results, and the experience can be nothing short of magic. However, for those who haven’t fished after dark, or experienced a good night bite, fishing… Continue Reading

When Size Matters

By Steve Heiting:  Should we be casting big baits for muskies or downsizing? That’s a great question and can vary hour to hour, day to day, and week to week. Generally, I start small early in the season, but when I hear fishermen telling tales of muskies grabbing the walleyes they’re fighting, it’s time to… Continue Reading

Early Season Strategies

By Jim Saric With the late ice out and cold spring, many are wondering how to approach those first few trips of the year. Here are two strategies to consider. First with weed growth being behind and limited in many waters, and with muskies spawning later this year, you’ll find muskies located in shallow flats,… Continue Reading

How to Turn Lazy Follows into Picture Fish

By Sean Ostruszka, Social Media Liaison If you’re an optimist, they’re a good thing. If you’re a pessimist, they’re one of the most annoying occurrences in the sport. They’re “lazy” follows. You know the ones. The fish is following a couple feet behind or below your lure, body straight as an arrow. You start figure… Continue Reading

Bump and Run

By Jim Saric:  In early season, as water temperatures rapidly rise, weed growth commonly accelerates at an equally fast pace.  It seems you go from sparse weeds on flats and in bays to thicker clumps.  As the weed clumps grow they begin to connect and soon you are left with pockets in large weed areas. … Continue Reading

When Big Muskies Go On The Prowl

By Steve Heiting: Musky fishing is all about big fish, and the days when we catch a giant provide fond memories. The days when we catch multiple big fish, however, are special because they don’t happen often. Usually when a multiple big musky day occurs, a number of factors come into play, such as environmental… Continue Reading

Deep or Shallow in Early Season?

By Jim Saric:  When you think about early season muskies, what are the first few thoughts that come to mind?  I bet many of you thought shallow water, warm water, cover and baitfish.  Those are all correct answers.  Shallow water warms the fastest, usually has remnant cover or newly emergent cover and therefore is a… Continue Reading

The Subtle Differences of Twin-Tens

By Steve Heiting:  Since the Double Cowgirl exploded on the scene there have been thousands of giant muskies caught on them and the musky-fishing world has seen lots of similar lures come and go. Before you visit the musky shows this winter and load up on your favorite twin-ten, understand that there are subtle differences… Continue Reading