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Cutting edge ideas

Cure For The Blow-Up Blues

By Jim Saric, Editor was pretty keyed up as the day started, as my friend Tom Sullivan and I were filming a television segment. The excitement of filming a show is much like the anticipation of the first day of any big musky trip, or the moment before the start of a tournament. You can’t… Continue Reading

Dead, Flat Calm

By Jim Bortz, Field Editor The intensity of the August sun begins to fade as it nears the western horizon and colors of orange and purple bleed across the cloudless sky. While the heat reduction is a welcomed change, the humidity feels like a weight on my chest and the still air sticks to my… Continue Reading

Pieces of the Big Musky Puzzle

By Steve Heiting September 10, 1998, will forever stand out in my memory as well as my musky catch records. I hope to experience another day like it, but I doubt that I’ll ever enjoy such a great day again. On that day my buddy, Kevin Schmidt, and I caught 16 muskies ranging in size… Continue Reading

Three Hot Summer Tactics

By GREGG THOMAS Summer fishing can be defined in different ways depending on who you ask and what areas you fish. Traditionally, summer fishing has been defined as casting your favorite bucktail in shallow weeds on your lake of choice. To some this is true, but to the rest of the musky world, well, we… Continue Reading

Early Season Night Strategies

By Jim Saric, Editor It was mid-afternoon and I was starting to feel really warm. The morning had been cool and the day before I had worn every sweatshirt and jacket I had. Early summer often experiences crazy swings in temperature, and the good news was the forecast called for a warming trend.  I took… Continue Reading

Forget Finesse

By Steve Heiting, Managing Editor If I remember right, it was about my tenth cast on the first spot of the first full day of the University of Esox Musky School on Lake of the Woods last July when a musky charged out from the rock point behind my Double Cowgirl. I whipped the lure… Continue Reading

Seven Degrees of Musky Location

By Bob Mehsikomer and Kyle Brickson For years, we at Simply Fishing have attempted to educate viewers and attendees of our various seminars of the specifics of musky fishing. The information we offer is grounded in science and experience and we try to reserve unnecessary comments or conclusions until our experience has demonstrated the true… Continue Reading

Heat, Cover, Baitfish

By Joe Bucher, Editor Emeritus Early season musky fishing is something that all musky nuts can’t wait to start doing, yet few are truly successful at catching fish during this period of time. You’ve heard all the excuses that “It’s too early,” “They’re still spawning, “The water’s too cold,” “We need some nice weather to… Continue Reading

Night Shift

Finding the right lure-moon combo for night fishing SEAN OSTRUSZKA, Social Media Liaison   Night fishing is supposed to be simple. You go out at night, throw dark-colored lures and catch big fish. Done and done. Of course, it’s musky fishing, which means it’s rarely that simple. And while throwing dark-colored Musky Mayhem Cowgirls and… Continue Reading

Hot Bite: Tippecanoe and the Barbee Chain

By Sean Ostruszka, Social Media Liaison Throughout the season, MuskyHunter.com will check in with guides and anglers around the country to see where the bite is on fire. Hence the name of the section: Hot Bite. If there is a hot bite on the waters you fish, contact Sean Ostruszka at spostruszka43@hotmail.com. It’s a little… Continue Reading