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Tips that will work for you right now.

Muskies Rock

By Joe Bucher, Editor Emeritus For some reason, the majority of musky hunters have always related muskies to weeds. In fact, it is still a sure bet that most musky anglers today spend the bulk of their time pounding weeds as their sole target. However, more are learning that rocks indeed hold plenty of muskies… Continue Reading

Speed Bumps

By Kevin Schmidt When comparing musky catch log records for fish caught casting or trolling, one obvious difference is speed. Muskies caught while trolling are recorded with precise numbers such as 3.4 or 3.7 miles per hour, not just 3 or 31⁄2. The numbers are exact. When trollers talk of speeding up or slowing down,… Continue Reading

Offbeat Fall Tactics

By Bob Turgeon   Fall fishing is … well, different. October through ice-up in the upper Midwest is the time for the real biggies. The food bag is on and the big females are starting to put on the weight required to foster egg growth over the winter months. There are a number of patterns… Continue Reading

Refined Live Bait Tactics

By Steve Herbeck As she disappeared under the boat I cranked in my line, bringing the free-swimming, quick-set rigged livebait halfway up off bottom and closer to the boat. I activated the spinner attractor, twitched and pulled the bait a couple of times to set it off-balance and struggling to right itself and return to… Continue Reading

Secrets For Success In Clear Water

By Jim Saric, Editor I have always had a love/hate relationship with clear water. Some of my best days have come from such waters, and so have some of my worst. But the largest muskies I’ve seen live in such deep, clear waters, so it keeps me coming back. To make matters worse we all… Continue Reading

Confessions of a Bottom Grinder

By Mark Maghran, Field Editor “Fish-on! Oops sorry… just another snag. Quick turn the boat I’m losing line!” This is the second most yelled phrase in my boat when “grinding” lures on the riverbed. Usually it’s just plain – “FISH-ON!” The more I talk with musky fishermen from around the country the more I realize… Continue Reading