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Hot Bite: Lake of the Woods

SEAN OSTRUSZKA, Social Media Liaison

Throughout the season, MuskyHunter.com will check in with guides and anglers around the country to see where the bite is on fire. Hence the name of the section: Hot Bite. If there is a hot bite on the waters you fish, contact Sean Ostruszka at spostruszka43@hotmail.com.

Word around the muskie world is the fishing has been inconsistent and downright tough in most necks of the woods lately. That’s certainly not the case for guide Keith Davison, who fishes out of Wylie Point Lodge in the Big Narrows area of Lake of the Woods.

“Every night we’re catching one or blowing it” Davison said.

That may not seem like a “hot bite”, but his statement is just about the evening, when he has been nearly guaranteed to get action from a fish or two. He’s also catching plenty during the day, including a 54-incher that ate at 9:30 a.m. two weeks ago. And that evening bite also recently accounted for fish on back-to-back casts.

As for the pattern, it’s a one-two punch of bucktails and topwaters. While Davison said this year is the longest he’s seen the muskies stay in the weeds, they recently moved to the rocks three weeks ago. There, he throws Musky Mayhem Cowgirls and Showgirls during the day.

“We throw the Showgirls a lot more because everyone is throwing Cowgirls and slowly reeling them in,” Davison said. “You can reel the Showgirls in a little faster, especially with a high-speed reel. That’s been making the difference.”

In the evening, Davison and his clients switch gears and slow down with topwaters, mainly Buchertail Top Raiders.

“The key has been to slow them down a little,” Davison said. “Most people are just burning them, but slowing the Top Raider down has been the ticket. Every so often I’ll have a client throw on a creeper, too.”

To schedule a trip with Keith, visit keithtrophyfishn.com, email him at ksdavison1@hotmail.com or call (519) 998-1370.

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