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Vital stuff to know

Target Muskies In ‘New’ Reservoirs

By Matt Gunkel A year ago in January, as I straightened out my musky boxes to make room for new purchases at the musky shows, I let my mind wander back to the great experiences from the previous season. 2010 had been my best musky year by a long shot but I could not help but… Continue Reading

Solar Muskies

By Joe Bucher, Editor Emeritus Without question, the most popular method of musky casting on many Minnesota and Canadian waters is holding a boat off a wave-pounded, rocky shoreline, and burning twin-ten bucktails. Arguably, more big fish are taken with this single tactic than with any other method during the summer. The technique covers a… Continue Reading


By The MHM Staff The super fish, or giant musky, is something that is commonly discussed in musky circles, the subject of dreams or nightmares for some, and the ultimately trophy obtained by few. Yet, much of the folklore surrounding musky fishing is based on their alleged existence. Both riverine and lacustrine muskies are capable… Continue Reading

Musky Hunter Catches Up With Bill Crane

By Steve Heiting, Managing Editor West Virginia may be far removed from the musky-crazed Midwest, but when it comes to lure manufacturing, it’s at the forefront. Cranes, Cobbs, Amma Bammas and Hughes Rivers, among others, are handcrafted there, musky baits which have transcended their home state to become staples in tackle boxes everywhere. To Bill… Continue Reading

Direction Detection

By Dennis Radloff It was 11:16 a.m. on October 31 of the 2005 season and I knew we were cutting it close. I would be meeting my second party of half-day guide clients at noon and needed a good 30 minutes to get off that water and reach the meeting place. I had planned to… Continue Reading

Three Must-Have Rods For Muskies

By Joe Bucher, Editor Emeritus Many of you Musky Hunter readers are old enough to remember the days when one all-purpose musky rod was the norm. A short, stiff, 5 1/2- to 6-foot pool-cue action was the musky standard, and nearly all of us had that one single rod. In most cases, this was the… Continue Reading

Six Steps To A First Musky

By Dave Dorazio, Field Editor As a long-time musky guide, I’ve shared my boat with anglers of all proficiency levels. I’ve fished with musky hunters who have caught literally hundreds of muskies, including some huge fish. I’ve also fished with anglers who are complete novices who have never even fished for muskies.  At the University… Continue Reading

Basic Black

By Jim Bortz, Contributing Writer It doesn’t seem to matter where or when a discussion of lure color comes up between musky men and women. There’s always one who has to say, “Any color’s fine as long as it’s black.” It’s such a standard comment, it’s become cliché. If I had a nickel for every… Continue Reading

Vig and Matz Win Leech Lake PMTT Event in Record Fashion

Big fish catches filled the PMTT’s final 2012 qualifying tournament, Musky Hunter Magazine’s Late Summer Blast, August 24-25 on Minnesota’s Leech Lake. The weather was sunny and 90 degrees with barely any wind on Day 1, yet 15 muskies were caught by the 72 teams registered to compete. On Saturday, another 17 muskies were caught… Continue Reading