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Home Range and Musky Activity

By Jordan Weeks For musky anglers, it helps to know where in the lake, river, or reservoir muskies will be in order to maximize time and effort. After all, you can’t catch a musky where none exist, or at least exist at that period in time. Studies focusing on home rage, movement and habitat preference… Continue Reading

Hooking Mortality

By Jordan Weeks Discussions among my musky fishing friends often revolve around muskellunge biology. How long do they live? How old is a 50-inch fish or what is the mortality rate for caught-and-released muskellunge? The answers to these questions are never easy and vary greatly from lake to lake and by region of the country.… Continue Reading

Lake of the Woods with Bill Sandy

By Spence Petros, Field Editor The two anglers on the dock were nervously fidgeting with their gear. And why not, they were about to start their vacation fishing on the premier musky lake in the world, and with a guide they heard was really special. “Are you guys ready to go fishing?” questioned a stocky,… Continue Reading


By The MHM Staff The super fish, or giant musky, is something that is commonly discussed in musky circles, the subject of dreams or nightmares for some, and the ultimately trophy obtained by few. Yet, much of the folklore surrounding musky fishing is based on their alleged existence. Both riverine and lacustrine muskies are capable… Continue Reading

Refined Live Bait Tactics

By Steve Herbeck As she disappeared under the boat I cranked in my line, bringing the free-swimming, quick-set rigged livebait halfway up off bottom and closer to the boat. I activated the spinner attractor, twitched and pulled the bait a couple of times to set it off-balance and struggling to right itself and return to… Continue Reading

Rattle Your Way To Spring Success

By Tony Grant With musky fever hot on your brain, you contemplate your next spring trip to Southern musky water. When you get there, the high waters, rain, and muddy conditions have you re-evaluating your decision to use your vacation days on some early season musky fishing. You remember the stories we have all heard… Continue Reading

Secrets For Success In Clear Water

By Jim Saric, Editor I have always had a love/hate relationship with clear water. Some of my best days have come from such waters, and so have some of my worst. But the largest muskies I’ve seen live in such deep, clear waters, so it keeps me coming back. To make matters worse we all… Continue Reading

Confessions of a Bottom Grinder

By Mark Maghran, Field Editor “Fish-on! Oops sorry… just another snag. Quick turn the boat I’m losing line!” This is the second most yelled phrase in my boat when “grinding” lures on the riverbed. Usually it’s just plain – “FISH-ON!” The more I talk with musky fishermen from around the country the more I realize… Continue Reading

1-2 Punch For Flowage Muskies

By Dave Dorazio, Field Editor When I think about it nowadays, I had what most musky hunters would consider an interesting childhood. I grew up on my family’s fishing resort located on northern Wisconsin’s Chippewa Flowage. Muskies and musky fishing were a part of daily life in this environment, and this likely gave me a… Continue Reading

Musky Hunter Catches Up With Bill Crane

By Steve Heiting, Managing Editor West Virginia may be far removed from the musky-crazed Midwest, but when it comes to lure manufacturing, it’s at the forefront. Cranes, Cobbs, Amma Bammas and Hughes Rivers, among others, are handcrafted there, musky baits which have transcended their home state to become staples in tackle boxes everywhere. To Bill… Continue Reading